james dean need your help 00 300mxc


Jun 21, 2000
I would appreciate your knowledgable opinion on my 2000 300mxc jetting for 300FT,50-1mx2t 94 octane. Ihad my slide cut to a 7,stock main175,stock45pilot and changed to nozi#2clip from top.
This all said, the bike runs much better on the nozi,but still sputters1/8 to 1/3 throttle but runs clean from 1/3 to wot. I guess i am asking should i waste my time with the noz needles, or get down to business and go with the straight tapered needle? I am not a perfectionist like most,I just want a good clean setup that will serve me well from 40 to 90 degrees. I probably should have left the slide alone, but do you think it will be usable if i go with your straight needle suggestions? Thanks for any input, and I'll try to post on holeshot if they will ever send my password. Thanks for your time!


Aug 8, 1999
I have the 7 slide, 175 main, 42 pilot, "D" needle second slot from the top, air screw around 1.5. Made an AMAZING diffference on the low and mid throttle response. '99 300E BTW.

The setup was recommended by Alan Randt BTW. Going into winter, depending where you are, you may need to keep the 45 pilot.
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