Jennifer Snyder crashes at Seattle Mile


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Oct 23, 2000
I was invited to go to the Seattle Mile last night with some friends from work, and since we were at a XR 100 race called Screwy-Dilla (destined to become the northwest Langtown) all day long in Olympia, we arrived late--just in time for the first main event, the 600 class. I had never gotten a chance to watch flat track racing on a big track and it is pretty cool. Jennifer Snyder was hauling ass! She got off the line in 2nd and made a pass coming out of turn #2. She held the lead for half the race before the guy in second, whose name I can't remember, started catching up. They went into turn #3 together and as they exited, she came out wide . . . and went into the wall. I didn't see her actually hit due to our seats but those who did were speculating that she must have gotten a flat tire.

It was terrible. The fans, who had been screaming their heads off for Jennifer, were stone silent. No announcement was made on her condition but they airlifted her out. I sincerely hope she is okay and has a speedy recovery. Watching her race was incredible--she's only 17 and was out there mixing it up with the guys, and beating them! She is truly talented.

It wasn't a good night at all. Mike Hacker crashed later on and was also airlifted out. With Kopp injured and Davis killed, and these most recent crashes, it has been a sad season for dirt track.


Jan 10, 2001
yeah i had a motocross race last night in hanford, ca, and there was a flat-track event going on next door to the track. while i was in the ambulance getting treated for my broken collarbone a rider from the flat-track crashed hard and was airlifted out


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Jan 4, 2000
Jennifer has lost her right pinkie finger, fractured femur, multiple fracturs in her left wrist, and compound fracturs in her lower leg. no head or internal injuries. Her dad is there with her.

Mike just has a sprained back.

More bad luck.:(


Oct 7, 1999
Very sad news. Those flat-trackers -- damn.

Talk to Ol89r about it. His icon is from a picture taken at the Nationals where he, in a turn, was doing what, 96 mph? If they're going that much faster now, like inflation, geez, I can't imagine.


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Oct 4, 1999
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I was flipping through CycleNews the other week, and was thinking about Jennifer and wondering how she was doing. This is NOT the news I wanted to hear. :(

She got some pretty nasty injuries, but she's young and I bet she'll bounce back quickly and be riding again in no time!
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