Jeremy McGrath on Wind Tunnel tommorrow night


Dec 16, 2002
"Tuesday November 18 - Jeremy McGrath
McGrath is the one rider most responsible for taking motorcycle racing into the mainstream. He is the AMA's all-time leader in victories, including an astonishing 72 wins in the Supercross division. He shocked the motorcycle world last January by announcing his retirement, after an unprecedented 7 Supercross championships. .He has since re-joined the part-time competition scene by racing the Super Motard circuit and has a book coming out. We'll talk about all of the above when Jeremy joins us LIVE from his "Garage-Mahal" in Encinitos, CA. "


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Apr 9, 2002
Anybody watch this and think that MC was getting tired of Despain telling everyone what stories were in the book and asking MC to explain them? MC sure is a smooth interview even when he's tap dancing around something he doesn't want to discuss in detail. Also the rumours about him making a full time return to SX should pretty much be dead after this interview.


Aug 30, 2002
Ya, MC was cool as always. Despain must have said 5 times "not to give the whole book away, but please tell us about when..." He is not returning, but I do think he is going to keep racing supermoto in the coming years.
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