Jetting A 35mm Carb On A 220 Kdx

kawi kdx

May 23, 2008
Just wondering if anyone tried a 35mm on a kdx 220 ? i was wondering about jetting it has a fmf gold series k35 'and boysen reeds and a ingnition filter the 35mm came of a 1991 kdx 200 and was jetted at 150 and my original carb the 33mm had 145 main jet i was thinking a 160 or so any info would be nice !! I also have the air box lid removed ! thanks. :whoa: ALSO A FMF K35 IS A TORQUE PIPE RIGHT NOT A REV PIPE MORE BOTTOM END? I HAVE A 150 IN IT NOW AND IT DOES NOT SEEM ALL THAT FAST!
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Oct 21, 2002
hi, yeah i put a 35mm carb on my 220 kdx made a big difference in power as well. memory a bit fuzzy but i think it ran best with 42 pilot and 150 main and i used the standard needle but on the leanest clip. i had a pc pipe and power reeds also. i think the torque pipe is not a good item on a 220. mine was the rev pipe and it was a lot better than the stock pipe.
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