Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
trying to fine tune this beast..

Its an 82 XC430 with a Mikuni I think 38mm round slide carb.

he main WAS 450 and the pilot a 25. It was rich on top so I figured I would start by dropping the main....And the air screw Never did a thing...and it was rich down low as well.

I changed the main to a 430. Sharpened the mid to top end up a lot.

Still can't get the air screw to do anything...pointing to a rich pilot right? But its already a 25! thats tiny. Whats the deal here? Or do I have this all backwards.:)
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May 24, 2001
WD-Not that I will be much help, but are you sure that pilot is a 25? My 79 390cr had a 35 in it that made it just about impossible to start. I went back to stock 45 and it runs pretty well, a little rich when I take it up to Rampart, I could probably drop to a 40 but that would make the bike even more fun to start. I wonder if you have an air leak somewhere??


Dec 4, 2000
WEIMEDOG: Let's see here, In 1982, the suggested list price on your bike was $2,820.00. It came with a 38mm Mikuni round slide carb. I don't have the carb settings for your 82 model, but heres what they were running in 1983 to give you a starting point. I don't think there is any real difference between the 82 and 83 motors.

Carb: Mikuni
Venturi: 38
Main Jet: 430
Needle Jet: Q-8
Idling Jet: 45
Needle Position: #4
Air Jet: 2.0
Throttle: 2.0
Needle: 6DH3
Air Screw Opening: 1.5

Good Luck with your project. :cool:

Oregon Trail

Aug 2, 1999
WD, here's what I'm running in my 81' 430 XC with a Mikuni 38:
idle jet 45
main jet 450
needle jet R4
needle 4th from top
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