Jun 11, 2001
For those interested, I have just returned from a great trip into the heart of Colorado! What a hoot...that is the reason why they have 30mph averages for their enduros??? Hey, I had asked what the jetting would be for altitudes of around 6 to 8000 feet. Well, I got there and had to rejet. What really worked for this bike is a 160 main jet and the needle two notches from the top. It still did not have the snap down low as I do here in Arkansas, but it worked great getting to the top of those peaks and on gas mileage--as I had the stock 2.5 gallons tank. Never once had a problem for fuel and I made all the gas stops. The longest was approx. 85miles. Great riding out there and thanks to those guys who worked the Colorado 500. We rode 740 miles just to be on the safe side.
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