May 8, 2003
Hey I finally got my 2003 KDX 220 runnning at what I feel is at a proper jetting. It pulls much stronger and will lift the front wheel in 1-3 rd with just a twist of the throttle. I am pretty new at this and I am worried about being too lean now. I am at 2500' and it was about 60 today. The humidity is very low here (Southern Utah). My bike is stock except for the airbox lid removal. I now have a #142 main , a #38 pilot, and the needle in the top slot. Is it possible from this info for anyone to offer an opinion as to if this could be too lean. Or are there just too many variables. I like how it is running but it does "smell" a little hot now, and I don't want to hurt it. Oh yeah I'm running Yamalube at 40:1 and 91 octane. One more thing I noticed, after coasting at idle and then opening the throttle quickly, occasionally there is a slight hesitation. But this seems to be present no matter what jetting I use. Thanks in advance.


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Dec 14, 2002
Sounds good to me jbsw. I run a 140 main and a 35 pilot, needle on the top leanest clip point. With that I can run from sealevel on a cold, dry day, to 8,000 ft with only an Air Screw adjustment. What you are probably smelling is the spooge in the head part of the pipe starting to burn off, now that you aren't adding to it anymore. I noticed that as well.
Do the plug chop KAY DEE EXER mentioned and listen to you motor. It will ping and detonate if you get too lean. I run one of those stick-on thermometers to the barrel of my bike to keep an eye on it.
One last thing, the 220 will run hotter than a 200. Don't know why but it is fact.
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