Sep 18, 2001
Bike is a 1996 300EXC, engine is all stock, new piston and ring with less than 50 hours. Aftermarket FMF Gnarly pipe and Turbine Power Core Spark arrestor/silencer.

In warm weather I ride mostly 4000-6000 feet in altitude. Average temp is around 80-90 degrees. A couple of trips are to the 8000-11000 range, where it is down to around 70-80 degrees. In the winter, run mostly in the high desert at 2000' and 45-70 degrees.

I need some ideas on where my carb should be set. I'm sure that I jetted to rich as it runs well at lower altitudes but runs a little burply at 6000 feet and there is nothing over half throttle when I'm up at 9000 feet.


Jul 1, 2000
Since you didn't mention fouling plugs, you probably are close on jetting. What jets, needle and slide are you using now? On my '95 300, I run: 40pilot, 1370n #3, 172main, #7 slide. I ride at +-4k elev. To go up in elevation, would raise needle clip position and drop main jet size.

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