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Jul 31, 2000
I recently killed my FMF pipe and was forced to put the stocker back on. After one ride I was sure that my jetting was WAY off. So after much thought I took to rejetting the bike. I think I've got it pretty good this time, I am now running a 48 pilot, 150 main with an r1179n needle (I think) in the second groove from the bottom. Before I was running a 52 pilot with the same needle and main just with the clip in the middle groove (moved down one to where I'm at now). The thing that's got my confused was the huge drop in pilot jets. I'm running with the air screw about 2 turns out like I had it before, but could the pipe make that much of a difference? I may have been running slightly rich before but couldn't have been off by much. Bike is much snappier and more responsive. My first time rejetting a KDX so I'm wondering if this sounds alright. The only mods now are airbox lid removed and the 240 kit. Thanks for any advice/opinions.

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