Joey Savatgy .. $Million Team Player?


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Jun 30, 1999
All marketing... more was made of the fan winning a million.

I didn't like it... the racing was good for the first 2 races but the 3rd was just a Monster Truck show :(
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Oct 4, 2018
it was neat that the fan also won a million but who ever had to pay the money was most likely not happy about how it all went down. I understand letting tomac go by was a nice move and all, but where's the sportsmanship in that? On one hand, taking one for the team is sportsmanship, but this wasn't team scoring, it's just two individuals who happen to ride for the same team. There is a difference! I think giving up a win isn't very sportsman like.

If I were in Joey's place I probably would have done the same thing, how could you not? But like I said I doubt it's the way the promoter wanted it to happen. It was funny watching Eli talk around the win on the podium, when she asked about the last moto last lap... he started to say something about how it happened, then changed direction. Tough position to be in for both Joey and Eli. The kind of stuff that happens when money is the only motivation.