Apr 1, 2009
First of all let me say hello. My name is Scott. I've been reading the threads lately and decided to join. I quit riding when I went into the military at 18. I'm 34 now and just getting back into it. I did ride on the street during the break. I had a Honda CBR 900RR. I live in Huber Heights, OH. It's just outside of Dayton, OH. I have found 1 place to ride so far. I grew up near Chillicothe, OH, and rode a lot when I was a kid. I'd like to find fairly close places so I can spend more time riding and less driving. So far I only know of one place close to ride. It is a private ranch in Enon, OH. It was fun! You have to call ahead of time to get permission. I have an 8 year old son. He's the reason I'm getting back into it. Santa brought him a 110cc fourstroke for christmas. I thought this would be a good learning bike for him. It is pretty powerful. He's kind of scared, but wants to learn to ride. I have 2 bikes a 1991 Suzuki RM 250 and a 2002 Honda CR 250. I'll post the pics once I resize them. They are too large. I'm looking for riding friends. I'd like to meet some other folks with kids to help encourage my son to ride. I think he'd be more inclined to ride with other kids. I look forward to meeting you all.
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