Just started working at a machine shop


Jan 14, 2007
I have recently started to work at a machine/engine shop here in minnesota. The name of the place is Bill Bune enterprises and northern power sports. We do all kinds of cool stuff like porting, sleeving, crank rebuilding, big bore stuff and all kinds of other things related to motorsports. It is a small operation not anything like eric has but its a start. The machines we have are one Jet lathe and a medium sized bridgeport. I always tell the other employees he is the god of engine work. They never really listen to me but I know its true. I have been practicing my two stroke porting with the right angle grinder, I need to work on it a lot more but I do it when I can, also I want to get good at welding. As of right now the sunnen hone we have is my worst enemy I always have trouble with that thing I just need more time on it. If any of you more expirenced people out there have some advice please share your knowledge. I am excited to finally do what all of us always talk about its sureal to me Thanks Guys :nod:


Jan 17, 2008
I have been machining for 6 years now. I plan on getting my own machines and start doing work at my house one day, just keep practicing you will get it with time.
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