Feb 10, 2007
I've read Rich's Rants on the Kawazuki 250F in the forums, and I respect his opinions, and don't question them. But some things I've not completely understood is if there are any patterns to what goes wrong on these bikes, and when, ( other than everything, often ). :yikes:

FWIW...I maintain quite a few of the local riders bikes. Different brands, makes, years, etc., not to mention trying to keep my stuff on the trail.

Right now my son is riding hare scrambles on an unknown history Kawazuki 250F. I'm looking for tips to keep him going in his first season of racing, and get him ready for the upcoming SETRA season. When we got the bike, it was still on it's original tires, chain, etc. It didn't have a lot of miles. We've got 2 races and a few rides on it.

What I am interested to know is ( generally speaking ) :

1: Which valves do I need to watch most for recession? I or E? L or R? All? If valve clearance is kept within specs, how long before replacement?

1A: Valve often to replace them? 10, 20 hours?

2: How long between piston/ rings? How many pistons before cylinder replacement?

3: I've seen Rich mention the need to replace the crank. What goes wrong with it? What do I need to watch for?

4: What else do I need to know, that I don't already? I already know in order to make a small fortune racing, I need to start with a large fortune...and I'm on a small budget! :coocoo: :laugh:

Thanks y'all! This is a great forum!

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