May 15, 2001
I'm currently restoringa 1980 KDX 175 for my son. The motor is missing a carburator, top end frozen, was last run with no oil in tranny, has a broken kick start and is missing a shift lever. Would a later model KDX 200 motor bolt into the 175 frame? If so does anyone have a 200 motor for sale? If not does anyone have a KDX 175 motor either running or for parts?


Jan 4, 2001
I sheared 2nd gear out of my KDX175 a year ago by revving it in neutral and dumping it in gear to try and break the clutch pack loose and tried to get the same info re: 200cc engine compatibility but never had any luck. Apparently, the air cooled 200 engeines are about as rare as the 175s. No one had any gears either, including Kawasaki, so I have the engine disassembled and can't put it back together. It was a good running, clean bike when the gear let go. I never did determine the exact year model, it might be an '81 (it has a plastic fuel tank) and I don't know anything about compatibility among year models, although since it was only made for two or three years, things are probably pretty interchangeable. Email me and maybe we can work out a deal to get you on the trails again.
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