Aug 25, 2001
I have an 84 kdx200. when I lean the bike even a little to the left gas runs right out the overflow. However when i lean it to the right nothing happens. Help? I was thinking the float may be adjusted way to high.


Apr 30, 2001
leaky carb

Nick, It does sound as though your float level may be high. Think about this: when you lean left, all the fuel in the tank goes to that side. If that's where your petcock is,it will leak. If you lean right, you may not have enough fuel in the tank to see a leak. You need to consider how far you are leaning in either direction to see gas coming out,there may be nothing wrong. When you rip around a corner, cetrifugal force holds the fuel down and to the outside of the bowl.When you tip your bike in the garage,there is no centrifugal force to hold the gas down so it goes out the overflow. It wouldn't hurt to check the float level, but I'm just not sure you really have a problem.Jonny 426


Oct 14, 1999
Carb that pees

Pretty common. Check the float level. I can tell you that it's 16mm on the newer series..yours I don't know.

That being correct, it will STILL pee when it's over on the left just a bit. This issue can be exacerbated if the carb is not seated 'square' in the boots. If you have a rad valve (for example), there is no keyway to insure your carb is sitting upright. Make sure yours is.

You can lower the float level to help with the piddling..but that will have other consequences (make your bike run generally leaner for one thing...which in most bikes is a good thing as hardly anyone bothers to jet their bikes correctly).

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Take the float bowl off & operate the float manually super gently & see if it still leaks.

But on an old bike the chance of the float jet being a bit suss is also likely. Look at the float jet & needle for any damage & take the jet out to see it is clean behind it.

You can drill the jet out so that it seats on a different place but you have to be real good at this. A ball bearing dropped down the hole & punched will make the seat square again & the float will have to be adjusted, as the needle will go into the jet seat further.
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