Apr 5, 2001
I have a few questions about a 1987 KDX 200. My friend is looking at buying one. Does anybody have this bike, is there any problems that this bike had. How does it handle, is the suspention ok, is it reliable, or any other comments would be appreciated. Also what would be a fair price. This would be his first bike, is easy to maintain and drive. Is there a place that has the specifications.



Jan 27, 2001
If the 87' is like the 1988 kdx200, it’s a great bike.
My friend owns an 88’, it's never been rebuilt; he rides it all the time full out, and it still runs really good, you can tell it needs a full rebuild since it's hard to start when it's cold, but when warm it takes a couple kicks. For the amount that he's put into it (around $250 Canadian) on wheel and swingarm bearings, brake shoes/pads; the bike has caused him no grieve. Suspension is really plush like all kdx's, nice on trails especially with the nice low-end power. Handling is ok; the bike being around 220 pounds doesn't help. Overall it would be an excellent beginners bike, and for maintenance: just the usual: grease/oil and check for wear and play every so often. :)

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