Jun 18, 2001
I am looking to step up in power, I have a 2000 KDX 220. I want
to add a flywheel to the Cr to make it a recreational bike. Is
this a huge step or something I can grow into easily? Any info
would be appreciated.



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Apr 30, 2000
Adding flywheel weights is not a big deal. Steahly makes ones that bolt right on. Have you done anything at all to the KDX ?


Mar 21, 2000
Adding the flywheel wieght will actually smooth out the hit on the CR you will also notice the bike will have less tendency to stall .... also makes the bike much better at handling hillclimbs.

We did this to my brother's CR 250 (Steathy Flywheel wieght). It was a snap to install and the bike was much better for woods riding !!!
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dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
It is not a huge step at all if the CR is set up for the woods with revalved suspension and a flywheel weight or e-line lighting coil. The CR is a little lighter and has considerably more peak power, but suspension set up and power delivery are the key for off road riding. Either bike is a major grin factory if set up correctly. :)


Jun 7, 1999
I rode a 220 with all the goodies for a couple of years, and now am on a 01 RM250. I am TOTALLY delighted with the RM compared to the KDX. It handles MUCH better, suspends better, and the power is in a whole different township compared to the KDX.

Keep in mind, the 250 motobike is not for everyone; it is NOT a beginner's machine. ie- If you want a pleasant trail bike, buy the KDX. As far as the increase of intensity, it will be a pretty big step, but the flywheel weight on the 250 motobike does an excellent job of toning the bike's hit, as well as reduces the tendency to stall.

BTW, I have ridden a bud's 01 CR250 in the woods, and the RM is without question, a much better steering machine. The CR has a more aggressive powerband, whereas the RM is a little easier to live with at lower revs. (both are PLENTY fast at upper rpm) I will admit that I am impressed with the Honda's quality of construction, but the Zuke is no cheapie either.

&btw, forget those WR/YZ250F... unless you want a bike which is difficult to start. Anyone who says they are easy starters is blowing diesel smoke.
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Dec 13, 2000
True the YZ/WR 250's are hard to start,(thats why Im selling mine) but they are good bikes, great power and handling too.
RM's must be good bikes in the woods, team Suzuki has had a great team for some time now on the RM's, but I dont think that I would want one in the desert, if I wanted to choose a all round bike (2-smoker), I would pick the KX first but I would want to ride a KTM250MXC first, SORRY!!- CR last !

WR 250

Mar 17, 2000
Some things to keep in mind if you decide to convert the CR into an enduro bike that has all the features of your KDX are:
1. larger tank
2. lighting coils
3. kick stand
4. lights
5. wide ratio transmission (don't know if you can do anything about this)
6. stock air box lacking in waterproofness
7. spark arrester
8. fender bag
9. heavier flywheel (already considered)

Basically, it all depends on your local conditions as to which bike would be the best. In tight, gnarly trails the KDX will be the better bike. If your riding area is more open, than the converted CR will do nicely.
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