Sep 14, 2007
I want to change my fork springs in my 2002 KDX200 but when I try to remove the fork cap on top I cannot. It seems to be attached to a rod/shaft that extends down inside the spring. How do I remove the fork cap and then the spring?


Oct 21, 2002
use a spanner to unscrew the fork cap completely then pull it out of the fork tube by about 50mm or you should be looking at the spring with the rod through it attached to the underside of the fork cap right? to remove the cap you need to get a helper to pull the spring down from the fork cap slightly so that you can see the top of the rod that screws into the cap with a locknut. slacken the locknut then unwind the fork cap from the rod, you will now be able to remove the spring from the fork body. dont panic if you let go of the rod and it slides down into the fork body use a piece of wire or rubber hose pull it slowly back up when needed.
if you do a search on this forum you will find other threads with better descriptions of this and i think there are some with photos.
good luck. :cool:
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