Mar 1, 2001
Hi All,

A friend (without web access:eek: ) has heard that there is a company that will sell you a modified KDX motor that will fit a KX chasis. He thinks they may be located in CA.

Anyone ever heard of this company?

Thanks for your help.

Take care


Jun 8, 1999
Fredette Racing has been doing this for years. Give Jeff a call and I am sure he will be glad to set your friend up.

Fredette Racing Products
31745 Dixie Hwy.
Beecher, IL. 60401
Ph. (708)946-0999 Fax (708)946-3264
Mar 1, 2001

Thanks for the tip. I actually thought of Jeff first, but after looking at his site and not seeing any mention of the conversion wondered if this was "the guy".

I tried to call but his voicemail is full and wouldn't let me leave a message.

Oh well...I'll keep trying.

Thanks again.

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