KDX250 forks in triple clamps


May 23, 2000
Hey All,

I have a 1992 KDX250SR and wondering where you KDX250 riders have your forks in the triple clamps... flush or above... if above, how far? (5mm, 10mm, other?)...

I currently have mine set flush, but I'd like a bit quicker turning action... any suggestions? I have already put in a set of Eibach 0.41 springs...



Jul 18, 2001
kdx forks

if all your doing in tight woodsy and mx you SHOULD raise forks in triple clamp(lower clamp). a kdx has a slower steer geometry than the kx's
i have a kx 500 and for desert racing i run flush with the top of tube (not cap) i also have a steering stablizer
for motocross and g.p. racing i remove stablizer and drop about 5-10mm depending on mood and track(glen helen i leave stablizer on)
in your case it is all test and tune but i recommend about 10mm(from top of cap) and tune to own liking
make sure ther is wheel to fender clearance before going any further,sometimes there is a manfacter's limit on tube but measure for yourself and avoid an endo


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Dec 10, 2000
I run mine about 7mm above the clamps. I have experimented with different heights, and this seemed to be a good compromise height between turning response and twitchiness in rough stuff. If I raise the tubes much farther than this, the steering doesn't improve more, but the front wheel becomes increasingly susceptible to being deflected sideways by roots and rocks. I also find that setting my rear sag to about 90mm seems to give the best turning.

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