Mar 24, 2007
my other thread was moved. i'm not looking to buy a wheel or hub. i'm trying to find out if there are any out there. i don't want to buy the bike then find out i can't find a hub. ok heres the deal i found a 91 kdx250 for a good price but the rear wheel is messed up where the sprocket bolts to the hub. will any other wheels fit? or is it just 91-94 kdx 250's that will fit? thanks for the help


Dec 13, 2006
You can cross reference parts at

You can also cross reference hub talon part numbers on the talon site. same parts numbers different bikes means other will fit. The differennce coes down to wheel spacers most often anyhow.

I guarantee something else fits. Heck, a 1997 KX125 hub was mmade to work with a 2006 CRF230's for a rear brake coversion on anothr site. Just make spacers to correct offset. Just do some leg work....

It really comes down to spacers and those can be made. I bet I could stick onn my KX250 rear wheel on the bike you found and make it work. I may have to have new spacers made but any machine shop can do that in minutes.

I don't want to alarm you, but you're gonna have to do some work here. ;)

Good luck!
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