May 23, 2000
Hello All,

As some of you know I bought a KDX250SR from a local fellow here in Manila about 4 weeks ago. The shock was "shot" so I sent it to the US for overhaul. While I'm waiting for its return I am cleaning, tweaking, greasing, etc. the rest of the bike...

Tonight I pulled off the swingarm and linkage. Bearings seem in good shape, just need some new grease. The manual I have for another bike suggests using molybdenum disulphide grease for the swingarm and linkage bearings. I don't think I can get that here. I'm sure I won't do any harm using regular multi-purpose grease, but should I really pursue getting a more "hi-tech" grease?

Also, I noticed my chain slider is in need of replacement. (I have some shallow chain "bite marks" on the swingarm) Unfortunately my only option is to order via the US. Does anyone have any suggestions of what material I might use to "home brew" a chain slider?



Feb 26, 2001
You could use a Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) plastic. I don't know if there are any plastics plants or retailers in your area, but I know this stuff wears very well. It's not as un-obtainable as it sounds, it's used for many applications. I used to work at a sawmill equipment manufacturing company (CAE newnes) and they used UHMW plastic for all their chain runs.
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