Keihin carb identification .


Sep 26, 2003
looking to I.D. Keihin carburetors , I have an extra carb that came with an 89 kdx 200 I just bought and I was wondering what was stock and which one is on the bike now as the numbers are different. The spare one has: PWK V465CJ24 on it , and the one on the bike is a : PWK V458BJ16 .
It has an FMF fatty gold pipe & silencer on it , I was wondering if they put a bigger carb on .
Thanks to all who answered my last post about the hiccup , when I went to check the plug I found that it wasnt all the way tight and could tell it leaked from under the washer , seems to be better now , I'll look into the jetting when I find out what carb I have.
Another dandy I found on the bike was that the on/off/res plate on the petcock was turned 180 degrees, I guess thats why they invented oil dry ! Thanks again for the help guys. K.L.
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