Chevy Muscle

Aug 4, 2005
Just bought a KX-65 for my boy but I would like to find a kick stand for the bike. We'll problably be riding lots of trails for now, so a kick stand would be nice.

Someone told me that the KX-65 and the KLX-110 share the same frame (i'm not sure if that's true or not). ........ Will a 110 kick stand fit a 65?

.... or any other options out there?


Oct 3, 2002
I seriously doubt that a KLX110 and a KX65 share a frame. They're very different bikes.

I just put a Utah Sport Cycle weld on kickstand on my boy's KX85. I have one on my KX500 too. Not the prettiest piece in the world, but they do work. USC doesn't list them for small bikes, but they'll make one for you if you call.
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