moto 650

Jul 18, 2007
Hey there folks. I have one of these great machines 91 KDX 250 and my kick start rattled off last weekend, much to my dismay, 20 miles out in the bush later, I noticed. :yikes: Any way I've ordered a new one at $150.00 and three weeks later I will eventually have one. My question to you folks out there in cyber space is; will a kick start from a 1985 through to 1993 kx 250 220 or 200 fit, work? I know the shaft is different but will the splines fit?

Hey thanks in advance :clue:


Sep 18, 2007
The kickstart on my 92 kdx 250 was worn out bad enough to be unrebuildable, plus its steel and heavy. Got one off ebay for a 90 kx 250 for $26+15 shipping, its aluminum and light and works beauty.
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