Sep 11, 2006
I accidentally posted this in somebody else's thread and it didn't get any responses.

So here i go again, sorry.

A friend daughter (9 yrs old) has been racing motocross for a little while now. I was talking with her dad the other day and the subject of bike setup came up. I asked if he had the sag and other setting dialed in for her. He had no idea what I was talking about.

His daughter probably doesn't weigh over 80lbs if even that. She riding a kawaski 65. For smaller riders/ bikes do you still set the rear sag to the same specs (2" to 2 1/2"). I don't know much about this myself but would like to help him out with what I can find out.
I figure set the sag, check the static sag, return the clickers to standard, and then start dialing in the compression and rebound from there.

Next question. Once he gets the rear set, how can he tell if the front need to be resprung/ revalved?
His little girl really gives it hell out on the track. I'd love to see her have every advantage she can get.


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Apr 9, 2002
Sag for the KX65's usually ran between 70-80mm I believe. There has been some pretty extensive KX65 suspension discussions here in the past that could help you. I would try a search with KX65 sag or KX65 suspension as your search terms.


Aug 21, 2005
Starting point:
FRONT: set the fork level to 125mm (10wt), rebound 3 clicks out, fork caps about 10mm above the clamp, and need stiffer than stock springs (.28kgf/mm, basically the nest stiffer springs).
REAR: Stock spring, 70mm sag, rebound 1 turn out, and an 85.3mm pull rod.

There is no compression adjustment on a KX65, except for that pull rod (which you should be able to get from the dealer). The stock suspension is for 65-75lbs.
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