Kids riding gear help needed please..


Jan 27, 2006
I have a 7 year old getting into racing and i am going to buy her some pants and boots but dont know about sizes.. She wears size 7 in blue jeans and 13 in shoes, now, are the racing pants and boots rated the same as blue jeans and shoes? Ive been looking at pants on e-bay and as far as kids, they are like size 20 and that range, so seems like the pants and boots are rated different than regular jeans and shoes..anyone help me out


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Aug 2, 2000
usually the sizes for pants are by waist size. I'd check the websites and look for some clearance stuff for starters. There are some pretty swingin' deals out there. Boots are sized the same as normal shoes.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
As a veteran kid outfitter...I suggest you talk to some of the other parents, as they also have kids that grow like weeds. The need for new kids gear is about a yearly event until they get old enough to buy their own gear.
You could also try the items wanted forum here.
I know folks like to put their kids in nice new gear, and some kids may demand it...but I find it a loosing proposition.


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Nov 14, 2001
pants are the same so are boots but unless you get a womans specific boot the size will be in guys so you have to convert it. but if she has a 20in waist then 20 pants will work


Apr 18, 2006
Find a motorcycle gear store near you and go try on some stuff.
Cycle Gear is a pretty big chain that has stores in a lot of states, if there is one near you go there, they have dressing rooms and a pretty good selection of riding gear.

Once you figure out the size, then you can choose to buy new or see what you can pick up used. Jerseys, gloves and goggles you will probably want to buy new. Pants and boots will be outgrown long before they are significantly worn. If you are getting into racing then make friends at the track, I am sure that every other family is going through the same thing. Once their youngest outgrows something, it should be available!

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