Kiss Your Riding Area And/or Your Land Goodbye!

Mar 13, 2001
The House is right now considering a nightmare land grab bill called CARA. Every single person here must get as many other people to call/write/email to stop this bill as you can. Write a script that sends automated emails to your Congressional reps and senators. If you don't know what CARA is READ THESE LINKS:


Your riding area will be SHUTDOWN!

Your home will be CONDEMNED and you will be FORCEFULLY RELOCATED.

If you own land, buy guns, lots of them, you will need them when federal agents come to seize your home.

I love my country, but i FEAR:scream: my government.


Aug 13, 1999
Already have the guns Offroadwarrior! ;)

It won't stop them, the only way to keep this nightmare from becoming reality is to get your voice heard NOW! CARA is one of the largest porkbarrel pieces of legislation EVER considered and it has a strong following. It will give the Dept of Interior BILLIONS of dollars with NO Congressional Oversight. The money is to be used to buy up LAND, especially RURAL land that adjoins existing Federal Land. And what do they do with all the additional land? KEEP US OFF OF IT!

You are NOT inflating the amount of damage that CARA will inflict.

The American Landrights Association link above is very helpful. Sign up for their emails. Fight now or give up and you can visit the library to see where we used to be able to ride!
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Mar 13, 2001
Fight now or give up and you can visit the library to see where we used to be able to ride! -bbbom

You presume that the PC thought police won't expunge all records of the terrible damage that we used to do to beloved Gaia.


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