Korean, Tiwan, gereric dirtbikes and atv's


Jan 16, 2006
In a recent issue of dirt rider I read a review about one of those off brand mini's. Even though it did not get a very good review I am disturbed to see these knock offs in the magazines now. What this means to me: More people will buy them, and KTM, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki will continue to increase their prices making off road riding/racing even more expensive than it already is. Even less people will be able to afford a new dirt bike or atv if this keeps up. Personally I resent Dirt Rider Magazine for doing a write up like that. Whats your opinion on this? Just my .02


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Dec 26, 1999
elcamino12sec said:
Whats your opinion on this? Just my .02
sorry but I think your .02 is only worth .01 :nener: Actually the free market system would say that the price would not go up instead it should remain the same or go down to reflect the competition

If the availability of lower price bikes entices more to buy then previously could afford it that is also good for the sport


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Dec 26, 1999
Yes those darn other brands are screwin' things up..... of course that's what they said about Hondas when Harley's, Indians, & BSA's were the top brands.

Change is good and necessary. The "other" brand bikes fill a need and believe it or not have made some significant strides in improved quality of materials, workmanship and design. Of course I'm only speaking from first hand knowledge :)


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Jun 28, 2001
Think of all the different 50cc scooters from the early 70's. Just another fad, but the amount of people riding them in the streets is whats disturbing. I beleive 50cc an under you do not need a license for, hence the boom of the pocket bike.

Parents will here horror stories and I think the sales we start to go dowm, at least I hope.


Sep 8, 2007
in 5 - 7 years chinese ATV and dirt bikes will pretty much be name standard..

There here to stay and the quality is getting better slowly.
Although I do agree there initial offerings have been a bit shoddy however look at some of the jap early offerings. They werent much better.

Oh and as for parents hearing horror stories, it already happened in the off brand industry already. Chinese manufacturers were put under pressure to modify there designs to include some better safety and design features. Such as now most of the atv'S come with improved suspension, wider wheel bases as well as bigger rim/tire combinations.

Another thing initially was the cheap motots but they havbe improved upon this as well by using loncin, zhongshen and a bunch of other reputable motor manufacturers.

I do agree on constrruction though, although the materials they use are not sub standard, you MUST got through your whole chinese atv or dirtbike when you get it and apply loctite to all bolts , screws etc. They dont assemble these things very well and there are complaints of them falling apart if not inspected and loctite applied before first ride. I believe they tell you this anyways, that you must inspect it after unpacking from crate.
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