Mar 19, 2001
I am going to buy an aftermarket pipe/silencer for my '01 200exc. I am about to pull the trigger on an FMF Gnarly Pipe, any comments/experience with this pipe on a similiar machine out there?



Pantless Wonder
Dec 26, 1999
I love my FMF Gnarly/TC combo!


Mi. Trail Riders
Mar 11, 2001
Hi ktm033,

I have 4 different pipes and a number of different silencers for my 200 exc and I think that that combo is about the 2nd best combo that I have found.

I think that the Doma pipe has more everywhere on the gnarly but might be a little more prone to damage.

I am going to use it on a two day ride this weekend and will let you know more after that.



Mi. Trail Riders
Mar 11, 2001
Well guys this is what I have found from my two day ride and a couple of other short rides. The two day ride
was in Michigan in the sand and woods, ran from tight to medium with a few open connectors (90 mile each

Here is what I found.

WOW!!!!!! This pipe is the biggest improvement of anything that I have done to the bike, including the delta

The power is every were, tons of lowend and more top too. The computer says top speed went up 4 mph.

The silencer is not a spark arrestor so could not use it on the 2 day so I ran my turbinecore 2 with it from a
It is louder than the Doma, so the Doma is real quiet.

I will post the db for all my silencers also soon (powercore2, turbinecore2, stock, Doma), but I think the
Doma is almost as quiet as the stock. (My tcore2 tested 91.2db on Sat. at tech inspection)

Back to the Pipe, I know this sounds like an advertisement but I can not believe the difference it made. I
have been riding since 1970 and this made a bigger difference than any pipe I have ever tried on any of my
bikes and I have had many.

On the way home we stopped and did a 21 mile loop of very tight single track that was stoney and did I say
tight.(hit trees on both sides with 29 1/4 inch bars)

I was worried about the pipe getting damaged by rocks or logs when I went out because the pipe is so much
in "front" of the bike, like the cones end at the front of the waterpump, only about 2 inches from the front

Just the small tubing running on the right side of the engine, looks so different, it must have 6 to 7 inches less
cone on the right side of the engine, so it is a lot cooler and cramped there.

None of my carbonfiber protectors even come close to fitting the pipe, so I ordered one from Scott Gardner
at Doma in the UK.

I said all that but the pipe came back undamaged.

I will post some picture as soon as my sister brings the digital camera back.

The looks people give to handmade and welded pipe are kind on nice also.

I will post a complete comparison of all five pipes and silencers in the near future if I can quit doing these 22
hour work days.

As far as cost, it did not cost hardly any more than any of my other pipes and silencer packages, about
300.00 with shipping for the combo and I can bet that you would have the only one at the track also, at
least here in the states..

Happy to answer any questions about the pipe.

My address is vern@xc.org

thanks and sorry for the length
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