Jun 12, 2022
just curious if anyone has the mako 360 bar mount? thinking of getting one for my 2016 ktm exc 500 but undecided if i should get a steering stabilizer or get the mako mount i'm a 60 year old rider with carpel tunnel and looking for comfort any one with same problem ? i would appreciate any experience you have


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I had carpel tunnel in both hands and ended up getting surgery to fix it. My hands would get so numb that I couldn't tell if I was giving it gas or even hanging on. Anything to help you loosen your grip on the bars will help but in my case, it didn't. They didn't have all the flexible bar mount options back then as they do today but I did use a steering stabilizer that helped keep the bike going straight so I didn't need a death grip.

I spent several years thinking I was getting arm pump and went to PT, did all kinds of stretching and strength exercises and nothing helped...until I got the surgery. It was a hassle since I was laid up twice with each hand don't at different times. I had a max out of pocket on my insurance so I had one side done in the spring and the second in the fall. The second one was free.

I wish you luck. I'm going on 63 so I feel you pain!
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