Aug 30, 2000
I'm now the proud owner of 400EXC RFS '00, and it's time to start treat it as well, i'm looking for Web sites that sells parts (Oil filters etc..), and Web published Manual.
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Coach in ND

Mar 19, 2001
Those are all great parts sources.

Buyer beware of Holeshot!!!!

I ordered a OCEMN needle and a main jet from them because they had them in stock. I didn't ask for a toal because I had a pretty good estimate on the toal cost. Boy was that stupid:o The needle was 3 time more expensive than ordering fro Carb Parts Warehouse or Sudco and they charged me $13.00 for freight for a 1 pound package being shipped from Ohio to ND. If that isn't bad enough, when I called to complain the parts person ( who is the owners wife) told me they didn't care if I took my business elsewere. I expained to her that I have worked in the Motorcycle/ Powersports industry for over 6 years and order parts through mail order or the internet for over 15 years and had never heard of such a ridiculous shipping cost. She told me they add $6.00 to every shipping cost to cover the cost of boxes and shipping labels. Sure looked like the box had been around the world a couple of times.....sure hope they didn't pay $6.00 for it:scream:


Dec 11, 2000
I have to echo the sentiments of Coach. Holeshot has a "we have it, you don't" attitude, so if you want it you PAY! The rest is inconsequential to them. Admittedly they have a good website. However, it's like public television, if you really want a C/D of the Three Irish Tenors you go to Amazon.com or similar. Nevertheless, if you feel guilty you’ll send $250 to your local PBS station, get the C/D, and have the warm fuzzies about knowing you have supported the cause. There is all the info of Holeshot here on D.R.N. maybe more.
Dec 22, 2000
Yes now i know where KTM gets the reputation for expensive parts..I priced some stuff from Holeshot, and yes they had everything, but pricing was a LITTLE higher than Cyclezonektm.com Actually if you live in Canada, I have found A&E in brooks AB. to be great.:D


May 11, 2000
Ditto... I won'tbuy anything from them anymore. There's just no need. Threads like this about Holeshot have been going around for years on all the different BB's and I can't understand why they are still in business. They do have a loyal till the end following for some reason.

Max Factor

Sponsoring Member
Oct 18, 2000
Unfortunately another vote in support of NEVER using Holeshot. Exactly the same experience. WAY over priced and a customer related arrogence that is second to none. Everything they sell can be found else where cheeper and with a smile.

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