May 5, 2001
I'm having problems with my 01' KTM 400 M/XC electric start. The button sometimes does nothing, and others will start right away. Has anyone had any problems with the electric start? Any suggestions on what to check?




May 16, 2001
I don't have any experience with that bike but a general diagnosis would be to get out a voltmeter and check for voltage at the starter solenoid with the start button pressed. (when starter button is not working) If you get 12 volts there, then your starter probably has something wrong with it. If no voltage there, then trace backwards to the button and check for voltage there, etc. A wiring diagram would help alot. I'd bet some ktm owners could be more specific...


May 24, 2001
I have noticed that KTM uses a scooter battery that has many holes in the terminal. The contact area is small and the post material is soft lead based. This leads to loss of contact and quick errosion of the termanal. Once that happens you have to get a new battery. Mine was warrenteed and replace by the dealer. When I installed it I cleaned it and put silicone over the termanal. I have had no problems since

John 300 EXC

Feb 28, 2000
I moved my starter button to the left side of the bars and initially had the switch upside down. This allowed dirt to get into the switch as the bottom hole was on the top. My kill button was sticking in and the e-start would not work untill the red button was pulled out. I took the switch apart and cleaned out the dirt and installed it right side up. Be careful and look at the switch when you dissect it, it is more complicated than I expected.


Aug 27, 2001
i had the same problem with my 520mxc when i first bought it. the ground wire for the battery was slightly loose and didn't make good contact. i tighten it up and it hasn't done it since.


Generally speaking, if there is a loose connection ANYWHERE in the chain, either in the power or the ground, you can get intermittant operation. After you check for loose/corroded battery connections, you might look for bent pins in any of the connectors, loose grounds, etc. If you have a loose connection somewhere, the inrush current will sometimes pull the two contacts (pins/terminals/etc.) together and give you a good circuit. Other times they will not. Loose connections of many different kinds are a PITA in the electrical world! Finding them is the hard part, unless you happen to luckily stumble accross something obvious. Even if you do find something wrong, continue to check the entire starting system as best you can. A slightly loose connection will not look bad, so you will have to possibly jiggle the wires around while a friend tries to operate the start system. Find someone who is good with electrical schematics if you are not. These are the "Roadmaps" of your electrical system and a skilled individual will know exactly what they are looking for. Hopefully, the schematics are included in the manuals with the RFS's. Good luck!:)


Mar 24, 2001
a week ago, when i installed my bark busters on my 400 exc, the wire from the starter button to the connector behind the headlights went loose. all the lights failed and the e-button dnt work. i checked the connectors the now everything is back to normal. put some contact cleaners on the contacts. it'll help.:)


Nov 18, 2000
mine has always done the same thing ,notice though that if i press the top of the button instead of the middle it always seems to start,figured it's a button problem,never concerned myself about to much,figured if it eventually if it goes out i always have the kick,it's been almost 1 1/2 yr. and hasn't fail to start

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