KTM riders help... 525 or 300 exc?


Feb 4, 2004
I'm selling the DRZ400S and moving up... My local KTM dealer told me they can get license plates for the EXC KTMs. I do some trail riding, and I also plan to buy some supermoto wheels/tires for fooling around on the street. No long rides or commuting, only fun around town hooliganism. Which bike has more power, the 525 or 300? How bad of gas mileage does the 300 get compared to the 525? I think having the 300 2-stroke on the road could be a blast, despite the pains of mixing the fuel. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.


Jun 7, 2003
The 525 is definatly faster than the 300. The 300 is not even as fast as a 250sx. Cant help you out on the milage thing.

CR Swade

Jan 18, 2001
elf said:
The 525 is definatly faster than the 300. The 300 is not even as fast as a 250sx. Cant help you out on the milage thing.

Man I don't know what 300 you last rode, but the 300 is arguably one of the strongest bikes KTM makes. That said the 525 is a bit faster, but harder to ride in tight woods. For dualsporting though, the 525 is much better for road use as it will pull highway speeds w/out running out of breath. My 525 would run up into the 90's in the dirt and on the street you could expect a little more.

As far as the mileage, my 525 had a 2.0gal tank, 1.7 regular use/.2 reserve. You should figure on about 30-40 miles to a tank during race conditions and probably 40-50 for general D/S use.


Aug 13, 2000
This very subject comes up in the latest dirt rider mag.

They claim the new 300 which is based on that hot 250SX is nearly equal in power to the 525.

I will have a chance to ride a new 300 in the next couple of weeks.

I have ridden the 520/525 on the street and the 6 speed is really a necessary thing for street riding. Also, the 525 is probably a better wheelie machine due to the very wide torque curve.

I currently ride a Husky 360 2 stroke on the street from time to time. I even rode it down Interstate 95 for about 10 miles. While it can be done, it surely does not feel right. I have the husky geared to go over 100MPH so the engine is not at redline on the street at cruising speeds. Yet it still feels uncomfortable. The vibration is not bad on my bike. So the issue is really with part throttle drivability, power output and difficulty keeping the revs low enough.


70 marlin

Mi. Trail Riders
Aug 15, 2000
I think you'd have fun with either. Gassing up the 525 would be less of a hassles.
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