Apr 10, 2001
I just purchased a 99 KTM200exc the other day. The KTM is everything and more than what you all have talked about. I've always ridden one of the big four Japaneese bikes. Anyway, this is my first experience with a hydraulic clutch. Everything seemed fine with the clutch until I rode it for a while. The clutch then seemed to fade. I would hold the clutch all the way in and still would move forward. This evening I checked the resevoir by the clutch handle to make sure there was enough mineral oil in the res. It seemed a little low so I added some. It was too late to ride to see if that helped. Is there anything I'm missing? There is the small adjustment knob below the lever...does that help adjust the clutch. If so, which direction should I turn it to get more useful clutch? Hope someone has an answer for me.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
First thing I would do is get a syringe. You can buy one from KTM, but I use a big ole cow type from the feedstore(or AutoZone). Connect about a foot of poly tubing to the end of it(6mm or 1/4" OD). I would drain/pump the stock oil compeltely out from the bottom. Once it's drained, use your syringe to fill the line and reservoir with type F ATF from the bleeder screw . Filling it and pumping the lever won't cut it on these, you need the syringe for sure. Use the rest of that type F ATF to fill your gearbox. Those clutches seem to be nightmares for aftermarket buyers, but on the OEM KTM's they seem to be very reliable.
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