Oct 24, 1999
I just got a 2001 ktm400 exc and have a couple oil questions.. (1). What brands and weights are some of you guys using. (2). How often are you changing the oil (3). How much are you paying for filters add where are you getting them (4). What about the stainless ones? Are they any good? Any help would be appreciated..

Wild Hare

Aug 9, 2001
Use any Full Synthetic that meets the API-classes SG or SH. I've got Maxum4 15W50 in mine at the moment. But I will use Mobil 1 15w50 or whatever good quality oil that meets the spec. Note: the Shell oil that is listed in the manual is not available in the U.S.

Do the first change within 3 hours per the manual, AT LEAST every 15 hours after that. I plan to change mine and ONE of the two filters,alternating, every 7 hours. Fresh oil is a GOOD thing :cool:

KTM of Mojave ( 661-824-4911 ) has EXACT replacement aftermarket paper filters for your 400
for about $9 a set! Way better than $30 for the KTM parts. The Stainless filters are made by Scott's Performance and are "Okay" but at $70 a set I can buy a bunch of the paper ones and I just feel they do a better job...just my feeling, no data to back it up:confused:

Hope this helps, good luck with the new ride!:)


Jul 20, 2001
Stainless reusable oil filters

A riding buddy makes those filters. Not exactly his words, but here's my take on the subject. The medical grade stainless filter mesh traps particles down to 35 microns. A paper filter is both better and worse. Inconsistency is the key. It may trap smaller particles in one area, allow larger particles to pass elsewhere. There's no disputing the stainless mesh flows more oil. Where this matters, is on a plugged paper filter, the bypass opens, allowing UNFILTERED oi to circulate. The idea mentioned by one rider, is to use BOTH filter types at the same time. One stainless, one paper. On each subsequent oil change, you swap locations. You use half as many paper filters. Still have to own both stainless filters. But get the best of both worlds in oil filtration.
Meanwhile...on the paper front, K&N is making the filters now. Less expensive than stock by quite a bit, but also more pleating, thus more surface area for filtering. Looks like a very high quality product.
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