KTM's Hard Seat


Dec 1, 2001
Here’s the most perplexing question since the beginning of time. For the like of me I can not figure out why KTM’s have a seat that could break a 2X4. As a proud owner of a new KTM 300 EXC I’m perplexed. I know I know, “stand up more” but that’s not a solution. Virtually all the trade publications have crucified KTM on this issue but KTM seems to be so arrogant that its no big deal. You can bet that if one of the other bigies were being pummeled in shoot-outs that the problem would be fixed, oh no not KTM, they’d rather pour money into other issues. To me this is wired. So the question is dose anyone have the name and email address to any of the higher ups at KTM? If so please pass it on.


Larry ( I need to stand up more)


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Oct 23, 2000
I just bought the tall seat foam when I bought mine. I haven't put it on yet but it is there when I'm ready.


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Aug 11, 2002
Dont know how long the seat has been said to be too hard,but maybe they plan on fixing it.My local dealer was at a meeting last week with people from the factory,one of the problems here in Europe is getting enough bikes.The dealer has sold 14 sx 85 in advance,and now they were told they only get one at each dealership! The big boys from KTM told them the problem is that the parts from sub suppliers are ordered at least 18 months before the assembly of the bikes....


Sep 20, 1999
1 reason could be that it helps the rider stay up on top of the bike. if you come railing into some corner, standing, weight back, hard on the brakes just like it's supposed to be done, & slam down on the seat to lower the center of gravity for the corner, then sink down into a mushball seat, your weight goes low & back. pulls you out of the "attack" position somewhat. when i got my tall superhard foam for 1 bike & tall hard complete seat for another, the folks at end. eng. told me that the fast guys buy the hard 1s, everybody else buys the soft 1s. coulda been a sales pitch, i dunno, but i like the hard seats. however, i rarely do a lot of mileage on multi-day trail rides & such as that. ever ridden a bike with a really soft seat? i hate it. i hope they keep 'em hard. now if they'd just make them a little taller....