kx 125 1986: carb probs

Apr 24, 2007
I aquired a kx 125 that has a prob. When you turn on the fuel supply gas pisses out two seperate overflow lines.

Any clues would be helpful, thanks. :p
Apr 8, 2007
there are a cupple reasons why,

1. your float valve is stuck open due to too much dirt
2. your float level is way off and this is probably the reason.

someone will jump in with some more reasons why its doing that but most likely its your float level. Have you ever checked it with the specifications in a manual?

Feb 3, 2007
Just like the other guys said, take your carb apart and clean it. Your float is probably stuck open and isn't shutting off the gas when it's full, and so the gas has no where else to go but the vent lines.
Also, try tapping the float bowl lightly with the end of a socket wrench or something solid. That might help to loosen your float, but if that doesn't do anything, then you'll have to open it up.