Apr 8, 2007
there are a cupple reasons why,

1. your float valve is stuck open due to too much dirt
2. your float level is way off and this is probably the reason.

someone will jump in with some more reasons why its doing that but most likely its your float level. Have you ever checked it with the specifications in a manual?


Apr 18, 2006
Most likely the float valve isn't shutting the flow of gas off. If this just started happening after a period of non-use then you might try shaking the bike back and forth a bit or tapping on the carburetor to get the float to unstick.

If the problem has been developing and getting progressively worse then the needle valve and/or seat is probably damaged and will need to be replaced. I recommend buying a new needle, seat and gasket set for the carburetor and doing a complete cleaning. When you reassemble make sure that you adjust the float to the proper level (essential whenver you replace the needle and seat, the float height will change). If you don't already have a manual for your bike you will need to get one in order to get the information on the proper float height.

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