kx 250 jetting help


Aug 9, 1999
kx 250 jetting (nolb needle help)

long story short......trying to bring a 93 kx250 back from the dead. pretty much done, but the jetting is an issue. the current jetting is 50 p, as 1 1/2, 162 m, nozl 5th. There is a stumble around 3/8's throttle that continues to 5/8's throttle. fmf recommends a 50 p, as 1 1/2, 160 m, n0lb 3rd. which is fine, but i cannot get my jd jetting program to recognize this needle code. i was planning on getting close to the recomended (fmf) jetting by using needles the i already own (dcj,dck,1468d,nozi,nozh,nozg) but without the help of the jd jetting guide i am quite hopeless. does anyone know what needle the n0lb is close to? i hope that makes sense.
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