Oct 29, 2007
you should take a pencil and mark a tooth on the front sprocket the count how many you have. Be sure only to count the marked tooth once. Then repeat the process on the rear sprocket. If my research was right (you did not tell the year of your bike) it should be 13/51. This should give you an even mix of power and speed. I perfer to change the front sprocket first(this gives the most noticible changes)because it is cheaper than the rear and eaiser to change. If you want more power less topend speed drop 1 tooth, if you want more speed less power add 1 tooth. The same goes with the rear. hope i helped out
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Mar 5, 2007
Hi TGD, was off the thread for awhile, yes! the advice helped, it was a 14/49 combo and it sucked in the low gears. Looks like what we have here (South Africa) is an 85cc Big Wheel and 85cc Small wheel option, we don't as far as I know have kx100's, I eventually went 13/54 and this seems to work ok on the tighter mx tracks. Still, keep getting drilled by the Honda 150's though..... anyone know when Kawa is bringing out a 4T 150?
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