Apr 17, 2000
Hi Jeremy,

I'm new to the forums but already impressed!

Last fall I traded in my XR200 and purchased a brand new KX100; lighter, faster, and 2 stroke! I spent the winter converting it to an enduro bike but didn't think much about the suspension. Obviously the suspension is such an improvement over the XR that I thought it was fine.

Last weekend was my second enduro race of the season and after the race an expert YZ125 rider called me over to give me a few pointers. He strongly suggested that I soften up the suspension, especially the front forks.

I'd like to do the work myself (with my husband's help) and avoid sending the bike out. Do you have any advice on the fork springs and oil? I ride in New England so I'm either riding on rocks, roots, or mud!

Thanks for your help.


Dec 30, 2000
There are many good products for the forks to make them better from several companies some that can be installed by yourself and others that are best left to the professional, do some searches and ask some questions and you will find the right set up for you. How much do you weight? then we can give you a recommended spring rate and oil ht.
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