Aug 18, 2001
I'm 32 yrs old, 5'6", 28" inseam, and 115lbs soaking wet. I will be buying a used bike in about a month. This will be the my first motorcyle in 10 yrs. ATV's filled in the gap. The last bike i had was a 1982,83 YZ100 and I hated it. It had one speed W/O and would not climb a hill except via momentum. Not a good choice for a trail bike. I have had people recomend a KDX200. Very tall seat. I'm thinking a KX100. I don't want to have the same issues that I had with the YZ. I have read many treads that say the KX is a great trail/woods bike, but then ask haw they can improve it. MR. Gorr can a KX100 be made into a competent trail bike with some of your magic? 2nd are there any years better or worse. 3rd am I making a bad choice all the way around?


Aug 2, 2001

Heh.. We are almost twins, except I am 14... The KX100 is a great bike, it is a good bike for trails, I almost got one, but I decided on the KX85 instead(I race, so if I got the 100 I would have to race 125) IMS just made a new fuel tank for the 85/100 that I think doubles the tank size almost. If you pick up the new issue of Dirt Rider, the Sept. issue, theres an article about taking a KX85/100 and turning it into a off road mini racer. Other than that, the KX100 is a great bike, I suggest getting the newest one you can, possibly one with the newer twin shroud look. Eric Gorr would probably work his magic for around a $100 depending on what you want( ). I would recommend the KX100, its a great bike...


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Dec 10, 2000
The KX 100 makes a fine trail bike. it has an excellent spread of power, with decent low-end for a small-bore. Slightly lower gearing helps to make second and third more usable on the trails. It still won't climb monster horsepower-robbing hills like a bigger bike, but it is very competent and capable off road.
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