Nov 8, 2010
hey guys new to the forum so plz dont rape me if this is in the wrong spot.

basically ive had the bike for a month or so now im just doing a rebuild atm but what i want to know does the cdi unit have a 6 or 12v output source as i kinda wanna run a light of it for those night trail fun runs. i presume it would but i dont wanna go playing with ****. if some1 can help me out that would be great..

i asume the coil will have 6 or 12v but can i take power from here i onli wont it when the bikes runing i understand with no onboard batteries etc it aint hapnin otherwise

cheers hagen


Apr 18, 2006
It doesn't work like that. Not even close.

The CDI unit is not involved in any way, shape or form in generating power to run lighting.

All electrical power comes from coil(s) on the "stator", which is under the flywheel. All bikes will have a coil that is used to generate the spark. Some bikes have an additional coil that is used to generate power for lights, battery charging, etc.

It is rather rare for a bike that did not come equipped with lights from the factory to have the additional coil (usually referred to as the lighting coil). Such a coil can be added as an aftermarket upgrade, however.

But you need more than just the coil, you also need a voltage regulato.



Nov 5, 2008
I know there are some headlights that run off led's and a small battery, I'm trying to find one myself!
Nov 8, 2010
yeah ive got battery mounted lights we use them for our mountain bikes when we race. in the dh bit there just not enough i wouldnt try it on my moto. if klx and kdx have em etc
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