May 2, 2007
I got this bike a few days ago. Should this bike have a compression lever on the handle bar to help with kicking it over? It ran ok yesterday, but fowled a plug after a few unsuccessful attempts to kick it over. Then today, I kicked it over on the first try, was letting it warm up, it stalled, and then kept fowling the plug. I did notice that the guy I bought it from had NKG BR9 Plugs, when the manual asks for BR8. Would this cause the problem? My one buddy said it may be the carb needs cleaning and that something is sticking in there. What do you guys think? Could the BR9 instead of the BR8 cause this, or is it probley the carb needs cleaning?


May 14, 2007
i think u should competely tear the carb apart and make sure it has all the stock jets in it if not u probably want to put those back in sounds like it is running way to rich. by the way i also have a 2000 kx250 and i know this bike better than i know the back of my hand. oh and if the jets are stock u might want to check the level of the float bowl it might be waayyy to high
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