Mar 16, 2007
if you guys are familiar with the oil bolt, to add engine oil on the kx250fs. it looks like you should shove a big huge flathead screwdriver in it to loosen it up and take it off to add oil. Well my flathead wouldnt work on it so I had been grabbing it wrench and twisting it off that way, which worked for a while until today. It wouldnt come off, the pliers bit into the metal and screwed it up on the sides. I then tried putting a flathead into it and twisting that would a wrench. it wouldnt budge but did manage to kinds strip it. so I have a stuck oil plug on my kx250f. any ideas how to get this thing off? once off im going to buy a different one thats easier to take on and off. I really dont want to take it to a shop just to get the stupid thing off.


Apr 23, 2007
all i can say is be very very careful about taking it off. You dont want to strip it and get little peices of metal in your engine. Also its a pain in the ass to fix a stripped oil plug.
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