Apr 25, 2016
Hey there. New to forum and trying to see if anyone might have insight into my problem.

Ive got an 08 kx250f that just doesnt want to run right. I'm almost positive the issue isn't carburetor related. The bike starts up and idles easy but once you apply any throttle, it will just die. When I unplug the frame ground from the cdi/coil, the bike will go above the rpm range that it died before and will try to rev out. However it pops and sputters most of the time with the occasional rev. Ive got it to rev out further before with it like this. Ive replaced my wiring harness, stator, and coil, only getting the same results. Ive got an 07 cdi that i plugged in with the frame ground connected and it did the same thing as the other cdi while grounded. Havent tried using it with the ground unplugged. I feel like it could damage the cdi like this but its the only things thats gave me different results. Tps is also unhooked for all of this.

Anyone think this is a cdi problem? Havent replaced my flywheel yet but not sure if thatd be it.

Im desperate for help. Thank you in advance if you can help out.

John Matrix

Jan 9, 2017
Based on what you're saying it sounds like debugging the ignition is having some kind of result. I will however say that I was chasing a similar issue on my '09. Turns out that my accelerator pump diaphragm was completely toast. It's worth checking out before you start throwing money ignition components.
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