Oct 21, 2000
How can the 2001 KX65 suspension be improved? My son is a 70 lb novice rider on MX tracks.

I'm interested in the cheaper ideas - such as respringing and revalving - and the more elaborate ideas - such as replacing fork internals or swapping out the shock.

And finally, does anyone have any experience with R and D Racing's KX65 linkage? It's supposed to add 2 inches of shock travel and make the bike track better. It raises the seat height by 1.25 inches which I suppose makes the biker turn better but gives up hi-speed stability ?


Nov 10, 1999
I tried re-springing my Son's 2000 KX65 along with changing the rear shock linkage to increase travel. This did improve his suspension somewhat, but not to the level we had hoped. I sent the suspension to MX-Tech and this was the answer. In respect to what we gained by our changes it was 1X better than stock and what MX-Tech did to the suspension we gained 10X from stock. I do not have all the details on what they did, but they did change the springs,added valving to the forks and re-worked the rear shock. But the results in my Son's increased confidence level and improved speed were outstanding. Simply put he went from very little confidence in his suspension to total confidence in his suspension.
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