Apr 23, 2007
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hi guys (and ladies) i have a 2001 kx85. i was riding it today and when i parked it i realized i had some sort of cloth coming out of my pipe. Would this be the baffle? If so do you know how to fix it or what to do??
Thanks, kx85racer7


Feb 3, 2005
The silencer is basically a wire mesh tube with insulating material wrapped around it. If you take out the bolts at the base of the silencer and slide the core out, you can unwrap the insulation from the wire mesh tube.
It sounds like the wire mesh tube is either broken or corroded and you likely cannot buy it separately. You may have to buy a complete new silencer.
After you get the problem fixed, to prevent this from happening again and to keep the bike running and sounding its best, you need to keep the packing fresh by changing the insulation every so often . :cool:
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