Feb 6, 2000
I had a very brief ride on a brand new (three hours up) KXF. Here are my observations:

Power: It felt more linear and slightly more powerful down low than a YZ250F. Whereas a YZF feels a bit hesitant and "over-carbed" down low, the KXF ran clean and was willing.

For what it's worth, the KXF engine felt like it was in a milder state of tune than Yamaha's YZ250F. It felt to me that the mid and top end hit wasn't quite in the league of the YZF. Only a side by side comparison will determine this.

Handling: The KXF is easily the most chuckable, light feeling fourstroke I've ridden. It feels no more top heavy than a 125 - seriously; my 04 KTM525 felt like an aircraft carrier by comparison. The steering is incredibly precise and you can really move the bike around with minimal body english.

Summary: It's a real fun-to-ride package with good real world power and incredible handling. And only US$5,800 out the door including 12.5% tax! Congrats Suzuki/Kawasaki!
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Bazooka Joe

Apr 4, 2002
Thanks for the report! It's great to hear a report with a good comparison to the YZF. By your descriptions of better low end power + smoother power transition + more flickable, it sounds like this bike would be a great woods bike.

Any comments on how the gearing is spaced compared to the YZF?

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